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Valente's Italian Specialties

Business Information
Name of Organization: 
Valente's Italian Specialties
Organization Type: 
Business Description: 
Specialty Italian food market
Contact Person: 
Marcello De Feo
Business Location: 
Valente's Italian Specialties
7 Kings Court
08033 Haddonfield , NJ
United States
39° 53' 50.802" N, 75° 1' 55.758" W
Number of Employees: 
Renewal Date: 
Monday, February 25, 2019
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
Valente's has written and adopted an Environmental Policy. It is a living document that evolves with our business. The current iteration of it is attached.
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Annual Environmental Goals
Description of Action: 
Valente's has identified numerous environmental goals, many of which are described in our Environmental Policy Statement. Throughout the course of 2019, our primary goal is to transition to 100% environmentally friendly, reusable, and recyclable packaging.
Transportation Other
Description of Action: 
Valente's works to source as many items from local vendors within a 20 mile radius of our store. By switching produce vendors, 168 miles have been cut out roundtrip each week. By switching vendors for our specialty products, we have cut out 88 roundtrip miles weekly from food deliveries. At the time of writing this, these practices have been in place for four months. The savings listed below will reflect four months and not a full 12 months. The money saved estimate is the cost of gas savings based upon an average of an estimated 10 miles per gallon that a delivery truck gets and an estimated $2.91 cost of fuel per gallon.
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Support Community Initiatives
Description of Action: 
I am a member of Sustainable Haddonfield, which works in conjunction with the Haddonfield Environmental Commission. Our mission is to encourage sustainable use of our community's natural, human, and economic resources through education, outreach, and collaborative partnerships between residents, community organizations, borough government and neighboring towns.
Shop Local
Description of Action: 
Valente's participates in Shop Haddonfield's Property Tax Card program. Through this program, local shoppers who participate in the program receive a property tax credit awarded to them totaling 7.5% of the price of each sale. Additionally, we offer a sizable discount to local business owners and employees to encourage them to shop locally.
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Member Since: 
Monday, February 25, 2019