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Business Information
Name of Organization: 
Salina Wine & Liquor
Organization Type: 
Business Description: 
Alcohol sales
Contact Person: 
Joe Matusiak
Business Location: 
Salina Wine and Liquor
273 Egg Harbor Road Unit 4
08080 Sewell , NJ
United States
39° 45' 59.3604" N, 75° 5' 14.9532" W
Number of Employees: 
Renewal Date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
100 percent cardboard recycling for business. Vendor (Waste Management, Mt Laurel) picks up two 2-yard containers, twice each week.
Waste Other
Description of Action: 
Paper bags are used for 99% of all customer purchases; less than one percent use handled plastic bags (for ease of carrying). Customers are asked if bag is desired; have observed increase in number of customers who decline bags. For multiple bottle purchases, we utilize empty liquor boxes (which otherwise are recycled).
Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
Fluorescent lighting replaced by LED lighting in 2016. Fifty-six troffers, each with 4 40W fluorescent bulbs converted to Optilumen LED 2 x 4 Retrofit Kits (each with 2 40W LED bulbs). LED lighting also reduces heat generation on premises.
kWh Saved: 
Money Saved: 
Energy Other
Description of Action: 
Automated thermostats/timers installed for HVAC, to control temperature in store.
Support the Well-Being of Your Employees
Description of Action: 
Member of the Gloucester county Chamber of Commerce initiative program for Rowan at Gloucester County RGCC. Program for Tuition reimbursement. Support workstudy GCC credit program. Last year 2018
Support Community Initiatives
Description of Action: 
Initiated, organized and recruited vendors for Washington Township Rotary Wine Festival; event raised net of $13,000 for handicapped-accessible playground equipment for Washington Lake Park. Initiated and manages Rotary's wine tasting events which have raised $50,000 over last six years to support community projects such as Local Food Bank (Mother's Cupboard), Josh the Otter water safety education, dictionary distribution to third-grade students, etc.
Adopt a Cause or Project in your Community
Description of Action: 
Initiated and supported the Washington Township (Gloucester County) Scholarship Foundation; have raised more than $70,000 over last 8 years.
Finished Application: 
Member Since: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2019