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The Michaels Agency, Inc. 2022

Business Information
Name of Organization: 
The Michaels Agency, Inc.
Organization Type: 
Business Description: 
Insurance - Personal and Commercial
Contact Person: 
Heidi Wagner
Licensed Insurance Producer/Broker
Business Location: 
The Michaels Agency, Inc.
122 Ganttown Road
08012 Turnersville , NJ
United States
39° 45' 4.9104" N, 75° 2' 58.0416" W
Number of Employees: 
Renewal Date: 
Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
Adopted an Environmental Policy Statement
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Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
Created a Sustainability Team - see attached
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Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
We bring lunches in reusable containers and use multi-use utensils (non-plastics). We bring water to drink in reusable travel cups, use reusable mugs for coffee/tea, and use a water delivery service to bring 5 gallon jugs instead of individual plastic water bottles.
Lbs Saved: 
Money Saved: 
Waste Reuse
Description of Action: 
We recycle paper by reusing one-sided print on the other blank side for in-house printing. We cut paper in smaller portions to be reused to write notes/memos.
Lbs Saved: 
Money Saved: 
Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
We shred confidential paper file information and recycle the shredded portions, we recycle any plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and newspapers/magazines utilizing our town's recycling program.
Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
We replaced all lightbulbs with energy efficient LED lightbulbs.
kWh Saved: 
Money Saved: 
Employee Commute
Description of Action: 
One employee walks to and from the agency, another has a bicycle to use in times of good weather.
Miles Saved: 
Gallons of Fuel Saved: 
Money Saved: 
Environmental & Community Restoration
Environmental Success
Description of Action: 
We discuss with others the steps we take regarding our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.
Support the Well-Being of Your Employees
Description of Action: 
We encourage our employees to utilize their health care providers as necessary, take time off if ill, and follow through with physicians' recommendations regarding their health. We also advocate self-care to encourage the well-being of our employees.
Serve Customers with Disabilities
Description of Action: 
We offer a variety of ways to conduct business for clients with disabilities through use of technology and in-person visits.
Shop Local
Description of Action: 
Our staff has a "shop local" mindset, and encourages all to shop our local small businesses and local farmer's markets. We have participated in Small Business Saturday events and have encouraged others to shop local as well during those events.
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Member Since: 
Tuesday, July 26, 2022