Business Information
Name of Organization: 
Bahamian Solar Management Group LLC.
Organization Type: 
Business Description: 
Solar Installation for both residential and commercial buildings
Contact Person: 
Mr. Dean
Business Location: 
Bahamian Solar Management Group
923 Haddon Field Rd , Suite 329
08002 Cherry Hill , NJ
United States
39° 55' 30.1512" N, 75° 2' 6.8604" W
Number of Employees: 
Membership Date: 
Monday, November 6, 2017
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
Here at Bahamian Solar Management Group LLC, We are committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:
• Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
• Minimize toxic emissions through the selection and use of its fleet and the source of its power requirement.
• Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
• Source and promote a product range to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
• Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to Bahamian Solar Management Group LLC.
• Actively promoting a commitment to compliance with all environmental laws and regulations
• Actively promoting a commitment to pollution prevention – This means that your organization places a priority on waste reduction over recycling, treatment or disposal of waste.
• Actively promoting a commitment to continual improvement – This means that your organization or environmental team meets regularly to evaluate your environmental impacts and set annual goals.
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Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
D. Bullard will enhance Bahamian Solar's Green Team’s credibility on all fronts and will abide by NJ's Sustainable Business regulations and report all results at year's-end.
Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
Description of Action: 
Installed Solar on motels, school, church and residential homes throughout the Garden State.
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Renewable Energy
Description of Action: 
Incandescent lightbulbs were replaced with LED for huge savings.
kWh Saved: 
Money Saved: 
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Community Other
Description of Action: 
Bahamian Solar Management Group LLC agrees to make yearly contributions donations to community sports events to enhance children's awareness of the importance of NJ's Green Sustainability initiatives. We have and will continue sponsor little leagues baseball in Burlington County NJ and other community environmental social projects and events.