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Nothing But Green Living Enterprises, LLC.

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Nothing But Green Living Enterprises, LLC.
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Nothing But Green Living is a shining example of American Entrepreneurship and a dedication to hard work. Founded by a young entrepreneur who recruited his first clients and provided cleaning services to them himself, NBGL is a growing company that continues the "hands on" approach of the founder. We treat every client and every job as an opportunity to showcase our skills and build upon our solid reputation as professionals. NBGL takes special pride in a job well done—and in knowing that we have never missed a deadline. We utilize the latest techniques and equipment available in order to enhance the appearance of your workplace and home.
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Ron Timmons
President & CEO
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Nothing But Green Living Enterprises, LLC.
100 Technology Way Suite 435
08054 Mount Laurel , NJ
United States
39° 58' 28.0812" N, 74° 53' 48.4116" W
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Thursday, February 18, 2021
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
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<p>Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint one floor at a time. We at Nothing But Green Living, affirm our belief that our company and its employees have a responsibility to take a leadership role in conducting activities as responsible stewards of the physical environment and using green activities to promote environmental awareness, local action and global thinking.</p>
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Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
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<p>Our products are certified by Eco Logo / UL Environment Certified. The "Pearl Floor" program has been in place in the Willingboro School District for three years. The district is composed of (9) schools with a total square footage of 802,112. The "Pearl" program has eliminated floor stripping and has reduce the dumping of 11.3 tons of sludge into the environment. The "Pearl" program impacts the Carbon Footprint in the following way: • The program improves the environment by eliminating sludge from floor stripping ....entering the environment • Improves health by improving in-door air quality. The finish is Styrene free. Styrene is a class 2 B Carcinogen. In addition, the program eliminates the release of high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC's from being released into the air negatively impacting in-door air quality. • The Pearl floor finish is safe in that it has a high slip resistance; and • Finally the program saves money by reducing Chemical cost by 60 -70% and manpower and labor by 45 - 50%. See link for more product information:</p>
Waste Reduction
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"In 2007, we switched to the ultra Chem Floor Care System hoping to meet 3 primary objectives. Eliminate the need for floor stripping each summer, saving us time when time is at a premium. Reducing our chemical costs dramatically Going green This floor care program has met both ouf our objectives. By eliminating stripping floors, we have saved 40% in time. Because we are now top coating each summer, we’ve reduced our total finishing costs by 60%. Additionally we feel the Ultra Pearl finish gives us a deep clean shine, with durability unmatched by any other finishes. Also all the products including Cleaner / Conditioner used on the floors and other surfaces are environmentally sound, and have helped us to meet our goals of going green." - Tom Falco, Director of Buildings and Grounds North Caldwell Board of Education, North Caldwell, New Jersey
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Industry Specific Practices
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Nothing But Green Living has helped their clients achieve better indoor air quality and reduce the use of harmful chemicals by introducing floor cleaners and polishers that do not contain VOCs and do not require stripping. Traditional floor finishing requires the use of chemical strippers, which is completely eliminated when using NBGL's certified green care floor program. The combination of eliminating harsh stripping agents and using non-VOC finishes is an excellent pollution prevention practice and can add up to huge reductions in air contaminants, waste generation and unnecessary costs. Please review the attached article on of how NBGL helped the Frederick County Public Schools in Maryland realize the environmental and financial benefit of switching to a sustainable floor care system.
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Improve Indoor Air Quality
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Our products do not have any Styrene, Zinc or VOC's in them. These are some of the negative elements in floor finishes, when a floor is scuffed these bad elements are released into the environment and we breath them in. These bad elements can cause respiratory concerns and health problems.
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Community Other
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When given an opportunity to secure work in a community, we employ individuals from the community to assist us while in that community. If we are working on any county or state buildings we are committed to training and employing veterans for those opportunities. We have successfully been able to help 10 people when giving the opportunity to perform the actual services.
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We have been identified as one of the Most Trustworthy names in South Jersey Business.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015