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La Belle Vie Salon

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La Belle Vie Salon
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Established in 2011, La Belle Vie Salon recognizes that hair is part of what makes you the unique person you are. As passionate artists that never stop learning, we strive to create fashionable, modern and wearable styles that capture your most beautiful you. Built on a team-focused culture that is rich in creativity and an environment that promotes warmth, creativity and sincerity, where guests feel welcome and stylists are appreciated for their artistry, our team is committed to a continuous learning cycle through education, training and mentoring. Fueled through the empowerment of learning we are dedicated to providing consistency, excellence and integrity to all elements of hairdressing. We pledge to be current and relevant, to share awareness in trends that allow each guest to receive the most versatility out of their style. We look forward to designing the aesthetic you desire. As a Green Circle Salon we are committed to reduce our ecological footprint and make our industry sustainable. We want to ensure our planet stays as beautiful as each of our guests. Through this program 85-95% of all our salon waste is recycled including: hazardous waste such as color tubes/canisters, hair color chemicals and even the hair from your head.
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Jacqueline Beaucher
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La Belle Vie Salon
5901 NJ-42 Washington Plaza
08012 Turnersville , NJ
United States
39° 45' 51.0768" N, 75° 3' 1.08" W
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Monday, May 1, 2023
Waste Reuse
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By recycling hair that leaves our salon it is able to be repurposed to help clean up oil spills
Waste Recycling
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We were able to become 90% sustainable overnight through our partnership with Green Circle Salons.
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Energy Efficiency
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All lighting within the salon are LED and appliances are energy efficient
Water Conservation
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We installed Ecohead shampoo bowl heads that reduce water usage by 65%.
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Water Other
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Our hair color waste no longer goes down the drain and into township water supplies. We average over a gallon of color waste a month so sending those materials to be recycled not only keep the chemicals out of our local water supplies but it allows the water to be removed from the color and reused as waste water for landscaping.
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Environmental & Community Restoration
Environmental Success
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Featured on SNJ Today for Conservation efforts as the first salon in South Jersey to adopt the program.
Support Community Initiatives
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Participating in local green events as sponsors including the May 4th Earth Festival in Cherry Hill
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Wednesday, May 1, 2019