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If your business is committed to the FIVE action steps below, you qualify to register.

  1. Share information on at least FIVE sustainable practices in place at your facility.  Find ideas by searching the list below.
  2. Provide one measurable result related to at least one of these activities. Click here for guidance and tools to help you calculate measurable results.
  3. Provide cost savings that have resulted from at least one of these activities.
  4. Complete the online application form to be recognized as a NJ Sustainable Business.
  5. Re-register once every two years and show continual improvement by adding one additional sustainable practice at your facility, and one additional measurable result.

Your application will be reviewed and when approved you will be contacted and added to the list of registered businesses.

NJSBDC Sustainability Consultants are ready to provide you with pollution prevention, waste reduction, and energy conservation best practices tailored to your business or industry, at no cost to you. Click here to request consulting services.

NJ Sustainable Business Registry Actions/Links

Management and Leadership





Certification Programs

Green Building

Environmental and Community Restoration

Industry Specific

Emergency Preparedness



Please share any additional information on environmental activities not covered in the categories above, including membership in other environmental certification programs and any environmental awards or recognition received by your organization. Visit the resources section to learn about other actions you may take.

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