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Upward LLC 2021

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Upward LLC
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Manufactures & Markets the Eco Pool Drain Waste Water Fountain for swimming pool water re-purposing & irrigation
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Stan Greberis
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Upward LLC
143 Ely Harmony Road
07728 Freehold , NJ
United States
40° 10' 24.1032" N, 74° 18' 57.9852" W
732 523 4221 ext 5
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Friday, February 26, 2021
Management and Leadership
Identify Sustainability Leader
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My company was founded on the basis on only providing sustainable products to the market place. When our merchandise reaches the end of it's service life it should be recycled. It is clearly marked as recyclable with the
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Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
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Our company has one product. Our product is designed to eliminate chemically treated swimming pool water from entering our wetlands and waterways. Today swimming pool owners routinely pump thousands of gallons of swimming pool water into our wetlands, storm water sewers and waterways. Most of them have little choice due to the powerful water flow coming from a 2 horse power pump and a 2" hose. The force of the water would seriously erode the pool owners landscape. So their solution is to pump it to a hard surface like a driveway. Properly balanced pool water is safe for humans. Properly balanced pool water is toxic to animals. The Eco Pool Drain waste water fountain sprays the water upward six to seven feet. The aerated water then returns to the ground over 100 square feet or more. In doing so the force of the water has been tamed and the erosion minimized. Re-purposed / recycled swimming pool waste water can be used for irrigating a lawn. Projected money saved is .48 per minute of operation by re-purposing this resource. The Eco Pool Drain Waste Water Fountain re-purposes/recycles swimming pool waste water. Swimming pools are routinely releasing waste water for various reasons. Common examples are the release of excess water after a heavy rain, lowering the pool water level so fresh water can be added. This product is designed give pool owners a better option than pumping off this waste water down their driveway and into the nearest storm water sewer. The Eco Pool Drain waste water fountain is designed to minimize erosion by spreading the water out over 100 square feet or more. Spraying the water up into the air as a spray also reduces the chlorine content. Approximately 20% of the chlorine dissipates into the air.
Renewable Energy
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2018 energy production. Forty 170 watt monocyrstaline photovoltaic panels and three Sunny Boy invertors.
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Energy Other
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All lighting is either compact florescent or LED.
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Green Building Techniques
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1. High Efficiency modulating boiler heating system rated at 97% efficient.
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Files. All files, invoices and customer invoices are electronic. We are over 95 % paperless.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019