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The Makers Workshop 2019

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The Makers Workshop
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An arts and crafts studio owned and ran by a mother/daughter team. We are both artist ourselves. Mom is a clay artisan and crafter, daughter is an art and architectural welder. We have classes and workshops for all ages. We teach multiple mediums: clay, wood working, mosaics, decoupage, up cycling, furniture restoration and more.
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Meg Simon
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The Makers Workshop
801A W Atlantic Ave
08021 Laurel Springs , NJ
United States
39° 49' 18.6672" N, 75° 0' 19.98" W
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Management and Leadership
Identify Sustainability Leader
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Meg Simon is part of the town beautification committee and green team. She is currently in discussion to set up a bike share program at The Makers Workshop location. She also attends regular recreational committee meetings and host a bi annual cafe, arts and music night with them.
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Waste Reuse
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We rescue furniture from bulk trash days to restore and refurbish to use and sell in studio. Use scrap woods in many of our projects. Meg uses scrap metal to create artistic lamps. Trudi (mom) uses vintage lace in her pottery that can be used over and over. Mosaic art uses broken pottery and china. Crayon drip projects from old broken crayons. Decoupage projects use napkins, old magazines, used children's books, etc.
Transportation Other
Description of Action: 
Live and work in town, only use car when hauling material. We offer after school pick up for the children of Laurel Springs School who attend our after school craft classes and walk them to our studio.
Serve Customers with Disabilities
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We have a handicap accessible entrance and bathroom. We have worked for over 30 years with children and adults with various disabilities and gearing our projects to their particular capabilities.
Adopt a Cause or Project in your Community
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Shop Local
Description of Action: 
The owners, Trudi and Meg make and sell their wares in the studio. We also sell the wares of other local artist, mixed in with vintage items. We have teamed up with our recreation committee twice a year to promote community, providing free music from local musicians and artist demonstrations and sale. Coffee and baked goodies provided free from locals in our community.
Description of Action: 
The Makers Workshop of Laurel Springs, NJ opened its doors June of 2018. Scavenging through scrap yards, flea markets, antique store, estate sales, etc. has always been part of our DNA. We knew that a large percentage of our store would be based on the reuse of discarded/vintage materials. At this present time we average a savings of $400 a month in materials. We have customer donated materials, scrap materials, materials that we purchase in bulk from a vendor or at very low cost from an estate sale. We always have a general idea what we are looking for but there is always the unexpected find. Sometimes it's a box of metal hooks or vintage wallpaper that fill a couple boxes, other times it's steamer trunks or pallets that fill our whole vehicle. Then there's what we look for for our own art that I haven't included in the estimates. Meg is a scrap metal artist and her scrap metal runs can get heavy. The items she makes are for sale at The MW. Ms. Trudi is a clay artisan and uses vintage lace and doilies to press into her pottery. They are very light. Her pottery is also for sale in the shop and craft shows. We based how may lbs we saved from the landfill on a yearly average.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019