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Green Garden, LLC (Ayr NJ) 2023

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Green Garden, LLC (Ayr NJ)
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Business Description: 
Green Garden, LLC participates in pharmacological research collaborations; provides advisory, consultative, and management services to the medical cannabis industry and retail pharmacies seeking to engage in cannabis-related research; and plans to operate State-licensed medical cannabis facilities in New Jersey to provide compassionate relief to patients suffering from debilitating illnesses.
Contact Person: 
Vijayant Pawar, Esq.
Managing Partner
Business Location: 
6 South Street, Suite 201
07960 Morristown , NJ
United States
40° 47' 46.3776" N, 74° 28' 50.2824" W
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Renewal Date: 
Sunday, July 30, 2023
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
In its effort to bring to its contemplated New Jersey facilities the best practices and intellectual property presently in use in Ayr’s other operations, Green Garden, LLC has adopted an Environmental Policy Statement to demonstrate its commitment to operating its regulated cannabis cultivation facilities and retail dispensaries in an environmentally conscious manner. In the policy, Green Garden has stated its intentions, commitment to environmental performance, and laid out its objectives. This document will be made available to the public.
Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
Green Garden has appointed a Sustainability Manager who will oversee company-wide sustainability and environmental impact mitigation efforts and who will function as a resource to upper management as well as the rank-and-file in connection with these initiatives. Green Garden has also arranged for the Sustainability Manager to complete the ISO 14001 Internal Auditor coursework and certification from the Knowledge Academy. As such, the Sustainability Manager is qualified to conduct routine internal audits of Green Garden's Environmental Management System (EMS) pursuant to ISO 14001, the international standard establishing a widely accepted and globally recognized framework for EMS. This will aid the company's continuous improvement effort, which is the sixth key element of its EMS.
Implement Environmental Management System
Description of Action: 
In accordance with ISO 14001, which is the international standard establishing a widely accepted and globally recognized framework for an Environmental Management System (EMS), Green Garden, LLC has adopted an EMS as its central document controlling the impact of the company’s activities, products, and services on the environment. Green Garden’s EMS describes the company’s environmental goals and documents the procedures to be implemented to achieve such goals. As an aspiring regulated cannabis company, Green Garden’s EMS features six key elements that juxtapose with best practices in the industry and other aspects of the company’s mission: 1. Environmental policy, in which Green Garden has stated its intentions, commitment to environmental performance, and laid out its objectives. This document will be made available to the public. 2. Planning: Green Garden analyzes the environmental impact of its operational plans, SOPs, and proposed buildouts. 3. Implementation and operation: Green Garden will set forth in its EMS how the company will develop and execute processes to realize the environmental goals and objectives laid out in the environmental policy. 4. Checking and corrective action: Green Garden will monitor and measure environmental indicators to ensure that its goals and objectives are met. 5. Management review: Green Garden’s upper management will review the EMS to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness and make revisions as may be required from time to time. 6. Continuous improvement: Green Garden’s EMS will enable the company to control the environmental impact of its activities, products and services by establishing targets and objectives related to identified environmental management goals. Procedures will call for continuous review of the environmental aspects and the impacts of products, activities, and services. Part of the continuous improvement step requires routine internal audits of Green Garden’s EMS to ensure that areas of non-conformance are identified and remedied prior to a self-certification or third-party certification audit. An EMS provides a third-party auditor with the information necessary to understand the sustainable practices of the company and the environmental impact systems and policies in place. Green Garden has appointed a Sustainability Manager who has completed the ISO 14001 Internal Auditor certification from the Knowledge Academy and will be qualified to conduct internal audits as part of the company's continuous improvement effort.
Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
1. Green Garden is committed to minimizing waste production by utilizing its principals’ expertise in cultivation and advanced horticultural practices. By minimizing the margin of error when growing plants, plant debris and the resulting waste will be limited. The company will also: * Destroy or dispose of unused or surplus medical cannabis and its byproducts as required by NJ Dept. of Health regulations; * Weigh and document all unused or surplus medical cannabis to monitor its regulated plant waste. 2. Green Garden is dedicated to achieving a paperless working environment, to the extent permissible by applicable regulations. The company will use email as the primary channel of communication among management, employees, regulators, patients, and vendors. Transitioning to paperless communication will reduce our paper usage and reduce paper waste that would have been otherwise generated from internal communications. Green Garden will utilize secure, cloud-based tracking and archival systems to store electronic forms of all corporate, financial, and compliance documents, allowing mobile access and reducing paper waste.
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Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
Green Garden will provide recycling bins at the ATC facilities for assorted plastics, glass, aluminum, and paper products used during operations, as well as for products personally disposed of by personnel. The company will coordinate with a local waste management company to schedule recycling pickups. The company will ensure that proper disposal of all regulated materials occurs (including the discarding of lamps, nutrient waste, and electronics).
Hazardous Waste/Toxic Use Reduction
Description of Action: 
In maintaining a clean and healthy work environment, Green Garden intends to utilize certified green cleaning products for all applicable cleaning purposes. The company has also chosen hydroponic cultivation as its primary method of cannabis cultivation. This controlled environment will allow for integrated pest management practices to be deployed, and our avoidance of pesticides and fungicides as required by NJDOH regulations will result in reduced chemical waste. Further, hydroponic gardening systems do not use topsoil so topsoil erosion will not be an issue.
Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
Energy-efficient equipment and appliances can significantly reduce energy consumption and operating costs, particularly when these savings are observed over time. Green Garden will use equipment, techniques, and tools to simultaneously maximize efficiency and minimize greenhouse gas emissions in the course of its cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary operations. ELECTRICITY USE The company will schedule indoor lighting on cycles during the night to reduce electricity demand during the day. This will mitigate the effects of excess energy used for heating during the night and air conditioning during the day. Lighting will only be scheduled to the extent that it is needed to maintain stored cannabis within the grow. Additionally, the company will use electronic ballasts for all lighting sources that require a ballast, as electronic ballasts reduce electricity usage, heat, and the need for air conditioning, as well as increase light output. Finally, when installing new electrical equipment (including devices and containers required to store cannabis and edible/infused products pending sale), the company will prioritize the use of products with the Energy Star seal. LED LIGHTING The company will use Fluence LEDs in cultivation and high efficiency CFLs or LEDs whenever possible in the display and dispensary areas, offices, and restrooms. LED can substantially reduce electricity use, and the low voltage would reduce the risk of fires or electric shocks accidentally triggered by moisture. LED lights do not experience degradation, have a longer lifespan, are easy and safe to replace, and do not contain vapors, mercury, or glass.
Efficient Business Travel
Description of Action: 
Our managing partner drives an electric vehicle for business purposes, moving 18K miles per year from a gas vehicle.
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Water Conservation
Description of Action: 
Green Garden’s cultivators will use automated irrigation systems and water more frequently with reduced amounts to prevent water waste, reduce runoff, and reduce overall water consumption. Further, our cultivators will be trained in the use of moisture meters to measure water in the soil at specific depths to ensure water absorption is optimized but the plants are not excessively watered. We will also utilize dehumidifiers in indoor cultivation to “catch and store” and reuse water after purification.
Support the Well-Being of Your Employees
Description of Action: 
Green Garden LLC is party to a collective bargaining agreement with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW). Employees are offered competitive wages and benefits; paid time off; medical, dental, prescription and vision benefits; tuition reimbursement; and other benefits associated with being members of a labor union. GG’s various health and wellness initiatives promote healthy lifestyle choices.
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019