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William Heritage Winery 2019

Business Information
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William Heritage Winery
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Family owned vineyard and winery producing premium estate grown wines.
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Rich Heritage
William Heritage Winery
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William Heritage Winery
480 Mullica Hill Road
08062 Mullica Hill , NJ
United States
39° 43' 25.248" N, 75° 10' 21.5112" W
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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
Wine on Tap: In the winter of 2018 William Heritage Winery launched a wine on tap program. Select wines are put into stainless steel kegs to be sold as wine by the glass, sangria pitchers and sold in wine growlers to customers. Wine on tap dramatically eliminates packaging such as wine bottles, corks, capsules and cardboard wine boxes.
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Waste Recycling
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Strong Commitment to Recycling: Recycling receptacles are located throughout entire William Heritage property. All wine bottles are recycled from all William Heritage tasting room activities and events. Cardboard is also broken down and recycled separately.
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Hazardous Waste/Toxic Use Reduction
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Herbicide Reduction: As of 2019 herbicide usage for weed control has been reduced by 90%. Herbicides are typically used to control weeds in vineyards which take resources and water away from grape vines. After working with a vineyard and winemaking consultant by the name of Stephan Delencourt we have implemented the usage of cover crops in our vineyards. By tilling up the soil and planting desired cover crops such as rye in between grape vines, these cover crops overcome undesirable weeds reducing and practically eliminating our usage of chemical herbicides.
Waste Other
Description of Action: 
Wine in a Can Project: William Heritage Winery puts select wines in a can - instead of in bottles. Can packaging offers less impact on the environment. Cans are a lot lighter than bottles. That means they have a smaller carbon footprint than glass, but also that they take less cardboard to hold and transport. Furthermore, cans are made with much more recycled content than glass bottles. Cans are typically made with 70 percent recycled content, and people recycle their cans 20 percent more often than they recycle glass.
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Renewable Energy
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Solar Power: In 2012 William Heritage Winery installed a 1/2 acre solar field behind their tasting room. This solar field powers the entire tasting room facility. Annually the William Heritage Tasting Room draws less than 3% energy from the electrical grid. Geothermal: The William Heritage Winery storage warehouse is cooled by Geothermal Energy. The storage warehouse for finished wines was constructed in 2014. Geothermal pumps, also known as geoexchange, is a clean and efficient renewable energy technology used to heat and cool our warehouse space. A geothermal pump is an electrically powered unit which transfers energy to and from the earth.
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Water Conservation
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Dry Farming: William Heritage Winery practices "dry farming" with their vineyards. Less than 20% of the grape vines grown on the William Heritage property are irrigated. Owners Bill & Penni Heritage converted over 60 acres of farm land from apples and peaches to wine grapes between the years of 1998 - 2019. The apple and peach crops required significant irrigation during pre-harvest months, especially in seasons with low rain fall. Alternatively, established grape vines allow the vineyard management team to adopt dry-farming practices. Wine grapes have tremendously long root systems that dive down deep into the soil for water and nutrients causing them to call for little to no irrigation. By transitioning over 60 acres of tree fruit for grape vines and implementing dry farming - William Heritage Winery has reduced water usage for irrigation by nearly 80% annually.
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Tuesday, December 3, 2019