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Ravitz Family Markets, Shoprite: Marlton Supermarkets Inc. 2017

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Ravitz Family Markets, Shoprite: Marlton Supermarkets Inc.
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For four generations, the Ravitz family has viewed its customers, employees and vendors as an extension of our own family. Our five ShopRite locations & our Camden, New Jersey Price Rite location strive to provide the fresh and flavorful foods that we would want to serve at our own dinner tables. By supporting a variety of community groups, non-profits and charities, our company helps strengthen the communities where we all live, work, and raise our families.
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David McDonald
Receiving/Fleet/Sustainability Manager
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Ravitz Family Markets, Shoprite: Marlton Supermarkets Inc.
307 West Route 70
08053 Marlton , NJ
United States
39° 53' 40.0272" N, 74° 55' 54.3972" W
609 670-8994
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Saturday, April 1, 2017
Management and Leadership
Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
David McDonald is the leader of sustainability efforts throughout all the stores.
Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
On January 1, 2017 I started a new program with my receivers to eliminate paper usage by having them send me paperwork via email, paper being sent to me was cut in half and working on programs to get most if not all paperwork sent this way.
Waste Reuse
Description of Action: 
Ravitz Shoprite of Marlton is currently involved in donating food that can not be sold due to minor damage or date issues to the product, and also items donated by customers, for the Food Bank of South Jersey. We also are involved in touring the Food Bank of South Jersey with our employees, to give them first hand experience of what items can be sent to the Food Bank. This is a program that started within our store in 2011. Since 2011, we have saved 133.25 tons of unused product from entering our waste stream, by donating to our local food bank.
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Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
Since 2010, the Ravitz Shoprite of Marlton has implemented many recycling programs to help us divert waste from going to the landfill. The programs that we are involved in are, recycling of corrugated cardboard, wax cardboard, plastic wraps, paper, circulars, magazines, plastic buckets and containers through our in house program, which is collected and sent to our corporate warehouse for recycling. In 2012, we started a single stream recycling program, in which any recycling item HDPE #1-#7, is comingled and placed into an 8 yard dumpster, which is located outside of our store, and is picked up twice a week by our waste haulers. Because a good amount of food waste is produced in the supermarket business, in 2012, in order to keep food from entering the waste stream, we implemented a recycling program through an organic recycling company, Organic Diversions. This is where we take any food that may not be donated to the Food Bank of South Jersey or used for other production, and place the food, along with some paper items, cardboard, plants and soil, which is all organic, and place these items into a green recycling container, which are located throughout all departments of the store, and once filled, placed in the back of our store to be picked up by our organic recycling hauler. Since 2010, we have saved 3,691.82 tons, from entering our waste stream, by way of recylcing and composting. Another area in which we recycle, is the recycling of fluorescent light bulbs. This is a program, in which we recycle any replaced or shattered light bulbs from the store. These replaced or shattered light bulbs are placed inside a cardboard box, if still in tact, or a plastic bucket, if shattered, and sent to our corporate reclamation facility for recycling. Since 2010, the Marlton Shoprite has recycled a total of 2,764 light bulbs. In 2016, the Marlton store generated 487.10 tons of waste and prevented 309.73 tons of entering the landfills by reductions for resale, donations to the food banks, and recycling of wood, bins, paper, cardboard, and plastic. 64% of our waste was diverted and this number will continue to grow. 309.73 tons x 2,000 = 619,460 pounds.
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Hazardous Waste/Toxic Use Reduction
Description of Action: 
At the Ravitz family Shoprite we have bins in all of our six stores (including Marlton) and one in our Main Office receiving area, for universal and hazardous product. The bins are for batteries, empty aerosol cans, leaking or damaged detergents and bleach, chemicals, and electronics to ensure that none of this finds its way to a landfill. The company Stericycle picks up this product and disposes and or recycles it. We do this along with our recycling and disposing of florescent bulbs and ballasts.
Waste Other
Description of Action: 
Ravitz Shoprite of Marlton also prevents any rendering, which is any fat and bone waste produced by our meat departments, and any oil grease, that is produced by our food preparation departments, from entering the waste stream by way of a rendering hauler. Fat and bone is placed in conatiners, specifically used for this purpose and collected by our rendering hauler once or twice a week. Our grease is placed in a grease trap container, that is located in the back of our store and is picked up by our rendering hauler as needed. Since 2010, the Marlton Shoprite has sent back 115.80 tons to our rendering hauler.
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Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
In 2011, the Ravitz Shoprite of Marlton put in new energy efficient t8 light bulbs which reduced our lighting energy usage significantly. More doors are used in the replacement of refigeration units, and in addition, LED light bulbs in the refigeration units, which are more energy efficient, were replaced.
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Certification Programs
Certification Programs Other
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The Ravitz Shoprite of Marlton has recently received an award from the EPA, for their efforts and involvement in the Food Recovery Challenge. The Shoprite of Marlton was recognized as the Grocer, Facitily Winner in the state of New Jersey for 2014.
Support Community Initiatives
Description of Action: 
Ravitz Shoprite was one of the lead sponsors at the Sustainable Cherry Hill Earth Day Festival in 2014, and are looking foward to being one of the lead sponsors again in the 2015 Earth Day Festival.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015