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Robinsville Cleaners

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Robbinsville Cleaners
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At Robbinsville Cleaners, we are committed to superior service with personal attention to all your cleaning needs. As a family owned business, we understand the importance of providing clean clothes for you and your family. In addition to our Robbinsville location, we currently have another business located in Bordentown, New Jersey, which we have owned since 2006. Not only do we strive to satisfy all of our customer’s needs, but we also believe in contributing to the environment. Since 2007, we have used wet cleaning to replace traditional dry cleaning, which uses harsh chemicals and may leave a “dry cleaning” smell or residue. All wet cleaning solvents are eco-friendly and represent the safest way to effectively clean your clothes. In addition, we also use biodegradable, reusable nylon bags, and recycle all hangers, plastics, and tissues.
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United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W
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Saturday, March 25, 2023
Waste Reuse
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Robbinsville Cleaners reuses hangers that are retuned in good condition. Each month we will reuse 2000 hangers. This saves 1000 lbs of waste from going to a landfill and saves $1680 per year.
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Waste Recycling
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At Robbinsville Cleaners we recycle our customers hangers and plastic bags that are returned to our store. We collect 40lbs of recyclable hangers and bags per week, which save 2000lbs of waste per year
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Energy Efficiency
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Robbinsville Cleaners uses T8 high efficient lighting compared to T12 low efficient lighting to save on cost and energy usage. $275.27 Dollars savings a year 22656 Watts saved yearly 22.656 kilowatts saved
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Environmental & Community Restoration
Environmental Success
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The owner of Robbinsville Cleaners is also the Administrator of Wet Cleaners USA, which is an association of wet cleaners. In this role he provides wet cleaners with educational seminars on how to effectively implement wet cleaning at professional cleaning establishments throughout New Jersey and Nationally. Mr. Chung also invites other cleaners into his own store to learn how to wet clean. To learn more about his association and their activities, you can visit
Industry Specific Practices
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Robbinsville Cleaners uses professional wet cleaning which is water based cleaning system for the care of dry clean only clothing. Robbinsville Cleaner uses a safer choice detergent “ECOS Plus”. This wet cleaning system eliminates the use of harmful chemical agents that have traditionally been used to clean clothing. By being a 100% wet clean facility we have eliminated the use perchroloethyelne or PERC which is a known carcinogen. Our store cleans up to 3000lbs of clothes per week. A perc machine would use 100 gallons of PERC to process this volume of clothing, so by cleaning our customer's clothes with wet cleaning we have eliminated 1360 Lbs of this hazardous chemical from our process. Robbinsville Cleaner uses a safer choice detergent Lbs Saved:
Lbs Saved: 
Support Community Initiatives
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Robbinsville Cleaners supports youth sports programs by being a sponsor of Robbinsville Little League and the Robbinsville High School Football Team.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015