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Sunrise Cleaners

Business Information
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Sunrise Cleaners
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Sunrise cleaners provides professional garment care without using the hazardous known as PERC.
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Kooksun Chung
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Sunrise Cleaners
460 County Road 520
07746 Marlboro , NJ
United States
40° 20' 2.6448" N, 74° 14' 42.0324" W
732 946 8555
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Saturday, April 1, 2023
Waste Reuse
Description of Action: 
Typically, garment hangers from cleaners are used once and customers throw them away once they get home. At our storefront, we have designed and posted a number of informational posters for our customers on how we reuse those garment hangers. With a return box we have set up for collecting used hangers, our customers have participated actively in waste reuse. We also encourage our customers to bring their own hangers if they like. We have seen an increase in the number of customers who bring their used garment hangers back in good condition. This effort has saved approximately 1000 lbs of hanger waste and saved us about $1800 annually.
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Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
We are not only committed to figuring out how we may reuse of our waste but also waste recycling. We have let our customers know that we recycle used plastic bags and wire garment hangers that are no longer fit for use. We encourage our customers to bring them back for recycling collection at our storefront. Typically, we collect about 45 lbs of recycling wire hangers and plastic bags per week. Annually, this adds up to 2350 lbs of waste reduction and $82 saved.
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Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
To reduce on carbon emissions and save on electricity, Sunrise Cleaners has switched out fluorescent lighting inside and outside the store. Inside the Sunrise Cleaners has switch 4 bays of 4ft 80 Watts lights and 1 bay of 40 watts and replace them with 18 Watts LED lighting. Furthermore, Sunrise Cleaners switched the outside fluorescent dry cleaner sign to LEDs. We are reducing our carbon emissions, mercury generation and saving money on electricity.
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Water Conservation
Description of Action: 
After introducing a professional wet cleaning system to our facility, we have seen a significant reduction in the use of our dry cleaning machine. We now run the dry cleaning system just 3 times per week, a drastic reduction from 24 times per week, before our system overhaul. To run our dry cleaning system, it requires a large amount of water as coolant and solvent distilling. Each load uses about 120 gallons of water. In addressing this issue, we have installed a water storage tank, which collects water output from our dry cleaning machine. This water in the tank is then reuse to run the wet cleaning machines. This adjustment in our water use pattern has saved 163,800 gallons of water so far for us. This water conservation effort also results in 163,800 gallons of water NOT being discharged into the sewer.
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Industry Specific Practices
Description of Action: 
On 7/1/2010, Sunrise Cleaners have taken on a system overhaul to run a more environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaners business. We have made two major changes to the way we operate: First, we changed our dry cleaning equipment to Non-HAP VOC Solvent machine. Second, we started to provide professional wet cleaning system,(sometimes called "green cleansing"), which is a method in garment cleaning, utilizing a computer-controlled washing machine, dryer, biodegradable detergent, textile conditioners and re-texturizers, and various types of pressing and tensioning equipment that may be specialized for many different fabric and fiber types. Essentially, this is a water-based cleaning system for clothing items what are labeled "dry-clean only". This allowed us to reduce the use of solvent and waste filters. As we made these operational changes, we have also worked on staff education to help understand and work with the new system with proper technique.
Community Other
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Sunrise Cleaners has fostered a good relationship with our community by supporting Marlboro Township Police Department, Marlboro First Aid Squad and Changyang Presbyterian Church.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015