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Dish Kitchen

Business Information
Name of Organization: 
Dish Kitchen
Organization Type: 
Business Description: 
Prepared meal delivery
Contact Person: 
Allison Slater
Business Location: 
Madison, NJ
19 green ave
07940 Madison , NJ
United States
40° 45' 26.1792" N, 74° 25' 2.9244" W
Number of Employees: 
Renewal Date: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Management and Leadership
Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
Allison, one of the owners, is rising as a leader in the community by volunteering on the EC's Green Team and the Chamber of Commerce to bring other businesses together to be more green. She is aiming to create a "green alliance" to brainstorm best green practices for businesses in the community.
Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
Description of Action: 
Dish Kitchen uses only 100% BPI certified compostable packaging and labeling. We also use reusable delivery bags, made from recycled materials. We also provide a compost bag with each delivery, and collect containers from customers weekly to ensure they are composted. We put them in our compost bin at our kitchen.
Aspirational Goals
Description of Action: 
Our long term vision is to transition to reusable packaging. We have spoken with a number of resources across packaging, logistics and tracking so that when we are ready to make this change we are prepared. Our weekly container pick up service is helping us to change customer behavior and get in the habit of leaving containers out for pick up /return to us.
Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
We use a commercial composter to dispose of compostable packaging. We do not use anything plastic- only compostable plant based products. labels/containers/bags.
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Waste Reuse
Description of Action: 
We try to refill as many ingredients as possible v buying new in packaging. dry goods and kitchen cleaning supplies.
Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
We compost as mentioned and recycle. When we appear at festivals we purchase canned water, not plastic bottles.
Food Waste
Description of Action: 
We use a commercial composter to dispose of food scraps. But we also repurpose scraps to make our own in house seasoning blends, sauces and stocks. This is of course good for the environment, but is also a healthier way to prepare food since we can control ingredients.
Industry Specific Practices
Description of Action: 
We operate as sustainably as we can... using compostable products - retrieving them to be sure they are composted. We are creating a circular business model and aiming to change consumer behavior.
Support Community Initiatives
Description of Action: 
Allison Slater is an active member of the local Green Team, and works with the EC closely to plan events and activities. She volunteers her time to do so, in addition to running the daily business. She is also an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. In both cases, Allison is working with municipal leaders to connect and engage with other local food establishment business owners to build an alliance in order to build more sustainable practices in the community as a whole. Specifically trying to get more to compost and use compostable take out containers. She is also trying to get a community comopost site set up in her town for residents who do not want residential pick up services.
Community Other
Description of Action: 
We source 90% of our ingredients from local NJ farms. This supports the farm families of NJ, reduces food miles, and helps us to maintain our commitment to being a local business.
Description of Action: 
We rent our kitchen.. by using compost services, we have saved the facility hundreds of dollars in waste disposal. I do not have an exact amount, but the over 1796 pounds that we have diverted, was not paid to be taken away and put in the ground. We do, however, spend money to be eco friendly, but we have committed to doing so!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2022