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Atlantic Dental Healthcare, PA 2023

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Atlantic Dental Healthcare, PA
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Our friendly and competent staff is dedicated to patient comfort and quality care. We provide the best and latest in dental technology and treatment options. We provide gentle, family-oriented dental care to adults and children alike, and utilize the best equipment sterilization techniques available. In addition to general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, we work with specialists in Periodontics (gum diseases), Implant Dentistry, and Endodontics (root canal treatments), as well as other specialists. Our team emphasizes comprehensive quality care and preventive dentistry.
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28 Throckmorton Lane Suite 201
08857 Old Bridge , NJ
United States
40° 23' 49.9416" N, 74° 18' 38.6424" W
732 679-8300
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Friday, May 26, 2023
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
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Please see attached Environmental Policy.
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Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
Since it is a small dental office we watch what we throw out. We reduce waste in the front and back office. For example we reduce paper by using electronic billing and sending patient reminders via email or phone, not paper.
Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
We recycle approximately 5 pounds of plastic every year.
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Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
Our office is equipped with LED bulbs. Lights are turned off when NOT in use. I wish I could use solar panels to run everything in my office.
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Employee Commute
Description of Action: 
My staff lives one block away and I live 6 miles away. I bring my own lunch, so I do not have to drive around for lunch. So we come in the morning and we leave when done. We do not use our cars in between to reduce the carbon footprint and we are doing our part to keep our environment clean.
Fuel Conservation Efficiency
Description of Action: 
Very limited driving. All work chores are aggregated so they get done in one trip.
Industry Specific Practices
Description of Action: 
Amalgam separators attached to our water lines to filter out amalgam waste from fillings. This prevents it from running off into our streams and rivers to oceans. We use digital X-Rays. Hence NO MORE toxic developing solutions for x-ray development required. We stopped this 15 years ago and transformed into the digital age and current with dental technology. Also we DO NOT do mercury filling in out office and have not done it in 15 years. This keeps the indoor air quality normal and our water system safe.
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Monday, May 18, 2015