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Merrill Creek Reservior 2023

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Merrill Creek Reservior
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Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650-acre reservoir surrounded by a 290-acre Environmental Preserve and 2000 additional acres of woods and fields. Its basic purpose is to provide stored water that can be released to the Delaware River to make up for the evaporative water usage at certain electric generating units in times of low flow in the river. In addition to that basic purpose, Merrill Creek Reservoir provides a tranquil setting of water and land that allows people to interact with the natural environment through use of our hiking trails and fishing access.
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John Parke
Environmental Specialist
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Merrill Creek Reservior
34 Merrill Creek Road
07882 Washington , NJ
United States
40° 44' 20.0112" N, 75° 5' 29.184" W
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Thursday, February 16, 2023
Environmental & Community Restoration
Environmental Restoration Project
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Merrill Creek Reservoir performs active ecological forestry practices under the guidance of a State approved Forest Stewardship Plan. Each year a different conservation practice is implemented which include but is not limited too invasive exotic vegetation controls, timber stand improvement, and habitat restoration.
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Environmental Success
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MCR conducts a hawk watch at the property know as the "Scott's Mountain Hawk Watch" Volunteers gather at the Merrill Creek Reservoir’s Inlet/Outlet Tower parking lot, located off of Fox Farm Road, during migration season to count hawks as they pass overhead. The raptors will migrate from late summer through the end of November with peak numbers expected from mid September through mid October. Historically, the days with the most number of birds are those following a cold front with northerly winds. The record number of broad-winged hawks counted at Merrill Creek in one day was a staggering 18,000. The data that is gathered each year is compiled and submitted to the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA). This organization is committed to the conservation of raptors through scientific research. This research includes establishing hawk watches throughout North America so that the hawks can be counted as they migrate south each Fall. The data collected from the annual hawk watch not only goes to the HMANA, but is shared with NJDFW as well as the general public through MCR's website and social media. This provides educational experiences for our visitors and followers on social media.
Environmental & Community Restoration Other
Description of Action: 
Over the year, MCR has taken on numerous wildlife restoration projects, including native grassland restorations for grassland dependent species, wetland and stream buffer restorations and pollinator gardens and planting. With the use of a MCR volunteer groups the projects have thrived. With use of volunteers to help install last year alone MCR saved over $41,256 in labor costs (cost based on number of hours volunteers put in and the latest volunteer rate for 2022 in NJ is listed at $32.39). Not only was there a cost savings, but volunteers also received training and education on the habitat projects here at MCR and provided them with materials and a sense of purpose to be better community environmental stewards.
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Serve Customers with Disabilities
Description of Action: 
MCR has installed a barrier free fishing access dock at the property. As well as (with the help of a local scout group) created a barrier free trail. Our visitor center is also equipped with handicap access restroom facilities and our educational displays are also barrier free. Our hunting club at MCR also sponsors and runs an annual fishing tournament at the property for the The Arc of Warren County. The Arc helps people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. For this tournament the reservoir staff and hunting club members mentor an ARC participant for the day assisting them with fishing activates.
Adopt a Cause or Project in your Community
Description of Action: 
MCR has partnered with the NJ Youth Corps of Phillipsburg to engage their students with trainings for environmental data collection at MCR through both water quality data measurements as well as rare species survey work (specifically for State listed turtles at the property). By partnering with a local community group we are helping to enhance their curriculum with projects here at the property as well as empowering the students at NJYCP to learn about how they can be better environmental stewards while also learning work and social skill sets in the environmental field
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Thursday, February 16, 2023