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Metrofuser llc 2018

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Metrofuser llc
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Metrofuser is a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products and services include remanufactured laser printer parts, remanufactured printers and service training for HP, Lexmark and Canon brands. The company's customers include office equipment dealerships, online retailers, repair centers and MPS service providers nationwide. Metrofuser has been named to Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies five consecutive years. For more information, visit
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Will DeMuth
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Metrofuser Technology Center
475 Division Street
07201 Elizabeth , NJ
United States
40° 40' 0.2352" N, 74° 11' 42.6516" W
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Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
Metrofuser appreciates the importance of the environment to local communities and the wider population by recognizing the significant impact that environmental issues have on the welfare, heritage and inheritance of the present and future generations. The company actively ensures, with all its available resources and wherever practical, that its operations, functions and interests are planned with a commitment to fostering the preservation and protection of the environment.The key points of the strategy to achieve this are: • Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. • Actively promote recycling both internally and with our suppliers. • Source and promote a product range to minimize the environmental impact of production. • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company. • Adhere to project specific site waste management plans in order to minimize land fill waste. It is the policy objectives of Metrofuser to: • Ensure that all the company’s staff are aware of their responsibility to the environment and incorporate these responsibilities into every job description. • Consider environmental issues when selecting suppliers and sub-contractors encourage them to co-operate with the policy objectives and to adopt sound environmental policy practices aligned with our own. • Allocate training resources to further the effectiveness of the environmental policy and provide appropriate training to employees. • Develop control measures and where appropriate set targets for environmental improvements • Undertake environmental audits when required, which shall record, review, develop and plan environmental improvements where possible. • Review the company policy and overall performance. • Adopt relevant procedures and adhere to all current environmental legislation. • Incorporate environmental considerations to transport and company infrastructure planning. • Conserve energy through minimizing consumption and maximizing efficiency and employ sound waste management practices. William DeMuth Chief & Operating Officer Last review date: October 2016
Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
Appointed William DeMuth as Sustainability Team Leader
Develop Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Plan
Description of Action: 
Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program Market leaders know their choice of wood, paper and packaging products has a direct impact on forests and communities at home and around the world – today and into the future. That’s why Metrofuser includes forest certification in our procurement policies. The SFI program's unique fiber sourcing requirements promote responsible forest management on all suppliers' lands. SFI chain-of-custody (COC) certification tracks the percentage of fiber from certified forests, certified sourcing and post-consumer recycled content. SFI on-product labels identify both certified sourcing and COC claims to help consumers make responsible purchasing decisions.
Waste Reduction
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Replaced hot and cold kitchen cups with reusable containers.
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Waste Reuse
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Sustainable Packaging Program Metrofuser utilizes packing material that boasts a 5 -10 times life cycle and compresses to 10 percent of their mass foot print with full support of a Nation wide materiel Return & Recycle Program from the vendor.
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Waste Recycling
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At metrofuser we take our responsibility as stewards of the environment seriously. We support programs that Recycle through Remanufacturing. Metrofuser proactively collects and even purchases defective and end-of-life office machines and their components. Metrofuser feeds these assets into a comprehensive remanufacturing program, where they are rebuilt to a “like-new” state. Because we understand that for our business to thrive, the world in which we operate must thrive. Metrofuser’s Whole Business Model is Based on Recycling and Reuse Metrofuser reclaims, remanufactures then resells end of life components from office imaging machines such as laser printers and copiers. Our business model is designed around acquiring these assets which are otherwise destined for landfills and stripping components such as electronic boards, mechanical and electrical components from them. Once these components are removed, Metrofuser carefully remanufactures them to reintroduce the newly remanufactured part into the office IT ecosystem. Most of the components of these machines can be reused and reintroduced back into the ecosystem up to a half-dozen times. The residual effect of that alone significantly reduces the amount of electronic office equipment waste filling our landfills daily.
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Energy Efficiency
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Installed energy efficient lighting at our new location Replaced 40 year old windows with argon gas filled windows in our new facility.
Certification Programs
Certification Programs Other
Description of Action: 
Active participant in Wastewise program.
Environmental & Community Restoration
Environmental Success
Description of Action: 
Promote our activity in Wastewise program and progress as a zero waste company.
Emergency Preparedness
Be Prepared for Emergencies
Description of Action: 
In 2015 Metrofuser created an alert system on our website to communicate emergencies.
Improve Indoor Air Quality
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Installed HEPA filters in building.
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Monday, May 9, 2016