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Java Love Coffee Roasters - Church Street

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Java Love Coffee Roasters - Church Street
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Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. is committed to Coffee with Integrity. This means we only use the very best Organic, Fair Trade, Naturally Farmed and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans, produced with respect for the environment and the farmers. We roast all our coffee in small batches to maintain the character of the beans and have them bagged and ready for you to enjoy in a few days -- not weeks or months. We focus on having as little environmental impact as possible, so we use compostable service items and recycle up to 95% of waste. Also, as part our commitment to our communities, we donate a portion of our profits to local nonprofit and community outreach programs.
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Jodie Dawson
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Java Love Church Street
49 Church Street
07042 Montclair , NJ
United States
40° 48' 51.4008" N, 74° 13' 10.362" W
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Monday, October 3, 2022
Management and Leadership
Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
Description of Action: 
We use beans sourced from Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee producers -We source coffee produced in alliance with the Cafe Femenino Foundation- a foundation that provides funding for health programs, educational programs, income diversification programs, and emergency aid for thousands of women who produce coffee in Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Kenya, and Haiti. -We are a 100% vegetarian business. We care about the environment and understand that animal agriculture is the number one threat to it. -We use non-toxic cleaners for the health of team members, customers, and environment. -We are committed to our local communities. We source as much local food as possible- supporting local farmers and businesses. This not only stimulates the local economy, but greatly reduces transportation emissions.
Aspirational Goals
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Some of our long term goals include solar powered electric, implementing rainwater catchment systems & separating black/grey water for reuse.
Waste Reduction
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We offer a discount for customers who bring in their own mugs/thermoses and expanded our line of travel mugs. On average, we save 10,000 cups and lids a year by offering this incentive. We have transition from plastic straws to paper and compostable straws, and we no longer offer plastic cutlery and instead provide bamboo utensils. Additionally we have a mason jar program, where customers who buy a Java Love reusable mason jar or bring their own container for coffee beans, get a pound of coffee for the price of a 12 oz. bag.
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Waste Reuse
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We reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste in that order. We are constantly thinking of ways in which we can give new life to "waste" that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We have made chairs, cosmetic bags, purses, art pieces, hot cup sleeves, and pillows with the simple burlap bags we receive the coffee in. We reuse cardboard boxes for shipping and transporting merchandise before recycling them. We recycle all plastic and paper products.
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Food Waste
Description of Action: 
Our used coffee grinds get composted onto our on-site garden.
Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
All store lighting uses energy efficient LED light bulbs.
Green Building Techniques
Independent Green Buiilding
Description of Action: 
Refurbished wood planks utilized as wall decor.
Support Community Initiatives
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We are committed to our local communities. We source as much local food as possible- supporting local farmers and businesses. This not only stimulates the local economy, but greatly reduces transportation emissions. -We work with local organizations to improve our immediate environment. Our Mountainkeeper Blend for example, was created for the Catskill's Mountkeeper Mission " be the strongest and most effective possible advocate for the Catskill region by promoting sustainable growth and protecting the natural resources essential to healthy communities." -We supply local artisans with materials for various crafts. In the past we have worked with a local soap-maker to produce a coffee based soap. Artisans who source local materials greatly reduce the demand for fossil fuels.
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Monday, October 3, 2016