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Environmental Service Management Group, Inc. 2023

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Environmental Service Management Group, Inc.
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Environmental Service Management Group, Inc. (ESMG), is an experienced green building solutions provider, specializing in sustainable materials management, facility maintenance and construction compliance services. Our environmental management expertise has been utilized in the design, implementation and maintenance of sustainability programs for a great many Fortune 500 clients across a broad industry spectrum. ESMG is eager to assist you with every waste management and recycling need at your facility.
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Michael Buono
Director of Program Development
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Monmouth Executive Airport
1717 Route 34 South Building 18A
07719 Wall , NJ
United States
40° 11' 17.9016" N, 74° 7' 7.7808" W
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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
As dedicated green practitioners for over two decades and pioneers in the field of pure performance environmental expense reduction consulting, ESMG remains one of the most dedicated proponents of sustainability. We were the first environmental waste management firm to embrace national membership in the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and Co-Founders USGBC New Jersey Chapter. We remain outspoken sustainability advocates committed to the advancement of cost effective green management policy and practice.
Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
Michael Buono, owner/project developer has headed the sustainability team at ESMG since the inception of the company. Every member of our staff takes an active role in company sustainability.
Annual Environmental Goals
Description of Action: 
Improving environmental performance is fundamental to ESMG's performance based consulting platform. Our environmental goals are therefore aligned with our mission to our clients, to our vendors and to our industry (See Related Section Aspirational Goals). 1. We will improve environmental performance of our clients by expanding ESMG sustainable service offerings by promoting partnership opportunities between our clients and other sustainable consultants specializing green building certification services. 2. We will improve the environmental performance of our vendors by inviting them to participate directly in ESMG's "Fly-By" Sustainability Series, guest speaker presentations to be held in the newly created gallery space at ESMG's office located at the Monmouth Airport in Wall, NJ. 3. We will improve the environmental performance of our industry by sharing our waste reduction expertise by leveraging education partnerships with the Green Building Center (GBC) and education partner of the US Green Building Council, and expanding our reach by offering case studies on our website and through social media, Facebook and Linked-in. 4. We will continue improve our firms internal environmental performance by identifying areas of our business operations that can lower our firm's carbon footprint in pursuit of 100% carbon neutrality by 2019, with specific emphasis on reducing the amount of required travel to our client locations through teleconferencing and online video conferencing.
Develop Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Plan
Description of Action: 
ESMG's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) plan requires conscious environmental decision making when purchasing all items from retail stores, product distributors, equipment manufacturers, and service vendors. ESMG's internal purchasing decision for all business operations are designed to minimize environmental impact wherever possible and will consider and include substitute products and methods where logistically possible and economically practical. ESMG orders business products in bulk form, three times per year, through the Internet or mail order suppliers that offer delivery to our office through the US Postal service or common carrier transportation. This policy reduces the need for single product purchases at retail stores minimizing the global impact of purchases requiring the least amount of fossil fuel consumption. All office supplies must include recycled content for all purchases of copy paper, letterhead, envelopes, and filing supplies. We include EPP criteria for all internal print projects that support our managed programs, sales literature, education and training material, recycling brochures, guidebooks, reports and signs. Cleaning products, bathroom supplies, pest control items are green guard certified and include only nontoxic ingredients. Where environmental product certification and toxicity can not be determined or not applicable such as purchases of office equipment and supplies, ESMG supports products and equipment that are made with recycled materials or have minimized packaging that can then be recycled back through common commercial collection programs only. ESMG influences environmentally responsible purchasing of our clients by helping provide information to client decision makers to encourage the purchase of items from suppliers that have a proven track record in environmental stewardship, and who take responsibility for the effects of their materials, products, and services throughout from inception throughout the supply chain through final disposition (cradle to grave).
Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
Description of Action: 
ESMG is an experienced green solutions provider, specializing in sustainable materials management, facility maintenance, and construction compliance services. We provided a number of environmental management services that assist organizations to more efficiently and cost effectively manage waste generation, collection, transportation recycling and disposal practices. Our materials management programs were conceived to help businesses to implement the recommendations of New Jersey's Emergency Solid Waste Management Task Force which called for large businesses and government entities to be accountable for their own waste generation. It recommended assigning team leaders to perform internal waste stream audits, to create waste management plans, and to implement recycling program in response to the shortage of landfill space. Since that time ESMG has helped hundreds of business to better manage waste materials output. ESMG has extended our materials management expertise to include consulting and project management services for high performance green building construction and maintenance programs. In 2001 ESMG helped to establish the NJ Chapter of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and has consulted for over 125 projects pursuing sustainable building construction and operation and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. In addition to providing sustainability consulting services through engineers, architects and other qualified professionals, ESMG also provides sustainability assistance to members of the solid waste services industry. ESMG is a trained evaluator for the nation's first material recovery facility (MRF) certification program through the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI). ESMG has been an active participant in green building techniques for over twenty years. Programs we have participated in during construction projects are BREEAM, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, LEED, and Zero Waste. Over the years ESMG has taken on an industry leading role in recycling market development to aid and assist clients with challenging waste problems. Examples of this includes donating the client waste materials of chair manufacturers who generate leather, vinyl and other scrap materials to materials for the arts programs that provide free school supplies to art teachers. Other examples include repair and redistribution of used durable medical equipment to those less fortunate, repurposing sturdy wooden shipping crates from manufacturers for donation to food banks to be used in their warehouse operations, and in redirecting out of code beer and soft drink beverages to be used in land application as an odor inhibitor for local hog farmers. ESMG takes great pride in creative reuse and adaptation of clients waste materials for secondary uses. ESMG's administrative offices include many examples of repurposing salvaged construction materials from green building projects including using many scrap materials in our office renovation. Examples include using heavy doors from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) project in NYC as a sound insulator to reduce noise from our heating unit. ESMG repurposed cut off decorative wood from the BASF Zero Energy Home Project in Paterson, NJ as shelving in work spaces. We repurposed old glass panel doors from renovation of the Princeton University Lenz Tennis Center as wall separators allowing day lighting to penetrate work space. ESMG displays these creative reuse adaptations as examples of what can be done to provide a second life for materials destined to go to area landfills. ESMG tells the story of these items with signs including the display of over 25 near zero waste case studies hung throughout our offices and in our recently created lobby reception area. Being surrounded by representations of our work and sharing these experiences with visitors to our office is our way of contributing to the dialogue of what is possible if we focus more attention on waste materials reduction while embracing environmentally sustainable business practices.
Aspirational Goals
Description of Action: 
ESMG defines our firm's corporate mission in terms of our three primary stakeholders: to the clients we partner with to reduce waste and cost; to the vendors we rely upon to make our programs successful; and to the larger solid waste and recycling industry ecosystem which we operate within. Our Mission to our Clients... To provide objective waste consulting services and cost effective materials management solutions that enable client partners to realize the economic benefits of environmental stewardship. Our Mission to our Vendors... To promote cooperative service solutions that enhance vendor performance, promote consumer loyalty, value best practices, and encourage emerging market opportunities. Our Mission to our Industry... To redefine the mission of the waste industry from one that provides assistance in refuse collection, treatment and disposal, to one that encourages waste prevention, promotes resource conservation, and values materials reuse and recycling innovation.
Management & Leadership Other
Description of Action: 
ESMG’s Code of Environmental Professional Conduct Policy has been established in order to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics for our environmental management consulting practice. This document establishes the standards of professional practice for all Directors, Officers, and Employees of Environmental Service Management Group, Inc., subsidiaries, affiliates, and agents representing the professional services of our firm. We affirm that as members of the environmental services industry, we must dedicate to use our developed skills and professional knowledge to enhance human health, safety, and welfare, while preserving environmental quality for all inhabitants of our world. Members of the environmental services industry must conduct themselves in an honorable and ethical manner to merit confidence and respect, and maintain the dignity of the environmental profession. We shall pledge to discharge our professional responsibilities to society as paramount and shall codify this document as a guide to acceptable standards of integrity for our employers, clients, coworkers, and all colleagues. Environmental professionals shall at all times … 1. Use their individual knowledge and expertise within their specific discipline, toward positive means that value humanity and the environment, and decline to use those skills to the detriment of society, and the degradation of the environment. 2. Recognize to the best of their ability, the direct and indirect consequences of any action(s) that may have negative effects on public health or to the environment, and to fully comply with all applicable statutes, and regulations that govern human health, safety, and well being. 3. Maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the public in the highest regard, including all professional standards and applicable rules and regulations, and agree to speak out against any and all abuses or threats to the environment or to public health, safety, and welfare, that may be encountered through personal and professional activities. 4. Continue professional skills development, stay informed of current events and be aware of technological advancements, and endeavor to inform the public of the potential benefits made feasible and potential problems associated with current issues pertaining to work. 5. Always be accurate, objective, and honest in representing professional background, skills, and qualifications to perform assigned responsibilities, and be a loyal, devout, and faithful trustee in all business and  professional matters. 6. Encourage the professional growth and career advancement of subordinates, coworkers, colleagues, and associates, accept and offer honest professional criticism, accurately account your own efforts while properly crediting the contributions of others. 7. Actively speak, write, report, publish and otherwise disseminate information freely and without expectation for personal remuneration, subject to legal and reasonable proprietary rights or privacy restraints.
Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
With 25 years consulting experience in the waste and recycling industries, ESMG has implemented an internal program very similar to recycling plans designed for our clients. The central element in our waste materials management strategy is to discourage the creation of waste by designing a refuse collection system that encourages employee and visitor behaviors. Our administrative offices minimize waste generation through policy by limiting employee food and snack consumption in common workspace areas, desks, storage room, and reception area. We encourage employees to use of refillable beverage bottles, coffee mugs, utensils and food containers, and by limiting take out orders and company purchased snack foods to only packaging that can be easily recycled in our lunch table and break area. We have also made considerable strides in "paperless" transactions with our vendors and clients. Secured electronic transactions are encouraged whenever possible.
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Waste Reuse
Description of Action: 
ESMG encourages the reuse of waste materials internally through EPP policy and other operational practices including the reuse of packaging materials and repurposing of client project waste for secondary uses. ESMG reuses packaging materials received through product shipments foam, paper and plastic inserts are reused as packaging for outgoing shipment of materials and in our warehouse to cushion breakable items such as light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Packaging from Ink and toner cartridges are reused in the storage, cap and return of these items for recycling. Corrugated boxes from paper and envelopes are reused in our storage room multiple times over. Bulk snack packaging (hard plastic wide mouth containers) are labeled and redistributed to clients for the collection of small batteries in their offices. ESMG reuses these containers multiple times over through courtesy collection of batteries and proper disposal (See Related Section for Hazardous Waste / Toxic Use Reduction). ESMG also reuses paper from monthly client invoices and statements as small note paper. Coinciding with offering electronic billing options, ESMG reoriented paper invoices to print landscape reducing the size of monthly statements by 23%. The non printed perforated tear offs portion of monthly statements is combined with mail back stubs from monthly invoices, Both stubs and tear offs are stapled together and reused as small note paper pads. ESMG supports the salvaged furniture reuse market by purchasing only used office furnishings, tables, desks, chairs and office cubicles.Over 80% of the furnishings/office equipment at ESMG, have been reclaimed from salvage during renovation remodeling projects at numerous locations and through purchases used furniture from local office furniture suppliers.
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Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
ESMG has designed our internal recycling program to mirror the strategies employed in many of our higher performance / zero waste programs designed for our clients. ESMG employees one centralized waste container located in our employee break area. The only other collection bin for solid waste is located in our our lavatory. Staff utilizes singular desk side recycling receptacles that accept primarily mixed paper grades, but can accept other recyclable materials. ESMG's mixed materials recycling collection system conforms with commercially available "Single Stream" of "Commingled Recycling" services and accepts mixed glass, metal, mixed paper, plastic and corrugated. This desk side single stream container and centralized waste set up encourages 95% of all materials generated by staff is captured for recycling, and discourages waste generation in work areas. ESMG supports this management effort by encouraging employees to minimize waste from personal food consumption through reusable lunch bags, refillable drink containers, and does not allow disposable "single use" food containers, cups, plates and eating utensils. ESMG also has a small scale food waste recovery program that accepts lunch residuals, spoiled food from our employee refrigerator, coffee grinds, and food leftovers from meetings and events held at our office. These materials are being accepted for home composting program, with finished compost returned to the office and used as soils supplement and mixed with tetra cycle organic fertilizer for interior office plantings, and will be used for an exterior native landscaping project planned for the Spring of 2017. Not surprisingly, our recycling program combined with our EPP efforts and other materials reuse initiatives (See Related Sections) have virtually eliminated the need for waste disposal. We confidently claim an 81% overall recycling rate from our business operation, and look forward to many additional years of waste management success at ESMG.
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Hazardous Waste/Toxic Use Reduction
Description of Action: 
ESMG makes environmentally conscious decisions when using products during the workday. We only use products that have the lowest environmental impact possible. ESMG underscores our environmental goals by minimizing new purchases of materials containing hazardous waste or toxins including cleaning supplies, pest management applications, lighting replacements, paints, stains, coatings, adhesives and sealants. Cleaning products, bathroom supplies, pest control items are green guard certified and include only nontoxic ingredients. ESMG also assists many of our local clients with courtesy collection of batteries, old paint, fertilizer, and electronics (universal waste). These materials are directed to municipal, county and some private hazardous material collection sites. This service together, with the small amount of ESMG generated materials, provides an opportunity to share with clients the required compliance measures they must follow according to their local jurisdiction.
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Green Building Techniques
Independent Green Buiilding
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ESMG has been an active participant in green building techniques for over twenty years. Programs we have participated in during construction projects are BREEAM, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, LEED, and Zero Waste. ESMG, Inc. had remodeled/redesigned the current office space to efficiently use energy, water, and naturally available light. In preparation for Hurricane Sandy, ESMG relocated our administrative offices from Neptune City to the Monmouth Executive Airport, and took on a rehabilitation of office space that had been unoccupied for over 10 years. The decision to select previously used space was deliberate, yet the scope of renovation required was unanticipated. We approached the renovation using standards followed by projects seeking USGBC certification that are category credits included in the Materials and Resources and Air Quality sections of the standards. Salvaging building materials, metal and wood studs,, and lighting fixtures that were required to remain in the space with new non-hazardous ballasts, added energy saving LED lighting, installed sun shades in our south western facing windows to reduce heat gain, and used all low odor non-toxic paints and coatings.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017