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Premier Compaction Systems, LLC 2021

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Premier Compaction Systems, LLC
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Premier Compaction Systems (PCS) is a sustainable trash chute and compactor company servicing clients throughout the entire tristate area. PCS designs, installs, and maintains all equipment as well as providing trash chute cleaning and graffiti removal. Services include: • Plant Logistics and Design • Sustainability Compliance • Compactor and Baler Repairs • Compactor Upgrades • Baler Installation and Service • Education/Employee Orientation • Refurbish Used Equipment • Signs and Labels • Waste Area Design • Waste Equipment Design and Installation • Waste Receptacle Area Design • Rental and Lease Program
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Bob Frustaci
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Premier Compaction Systems
264 Lackawanna Avenue
07424 Woodland Park , NJ
United States
40° 53' 13.7904" N, 74° 12' 26.0604" W
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Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Management and Leadership
Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
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<p>PCS is a sustainable trash chute and compactor company, and in the past three years has installed over 300 units of recycling equipment and trisorters. On average our programs will save properties 20-30% of current solid waste management costs and will increase your buildings sustainability. Example Project: PCS worked with Auerpak in Secaucus, NJ to design a sustainable waste system for the major produce processor and distributor. PCS designed an organic waste chute that feeds a self-contained, leak proof compactor which is serviced at a licensed compost facility. Since 2013 this upgrade has collected over 600,000 lbs. or 335 tons of organic waste from Auerpak. Cardboard and plastic balers enhanced this volume – and created a rebate for the client. A new 15-yard self-contained compactor recently replaced an older compactor at their location and has maximized Auerpak’s efforts at sustainability in their Waste Management program.</p>
Waste Reduction
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All service technicians utilize iPads to ensure quality control in field service. This also helps to reduce our use of paper.
Waste Recycling
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PCS shreds and recycles all paper quarterly. All cardboard is recycled by a licensed hauler-processor. All co-comingled waste is dropped off at the Woodland Park DPW.
Efficient Business Travel
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We used to purchase chassis for the compactors we build, in Long Island. in 2018, 147 units were purchased and picked up by PCS drivers in a PCS truck. The manufacturer was 53 miles away from our Woodland Park location. Our team researched a local metal fabricator and was able to utilize them to build our chassis, minimizing our trips to Long Island. Also, our cost was reduced by $265 per chassis.
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Fleet Vehicles
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Since 2014, PCS’ fleet of service vehicles has utilized Nextraq. Nextraq is a GPS tracking system which allows our service manager to track all of our service technicians while they are on the road. It has helped us to cut our service vans fuel cost by 30%. This system has increased our efficiency on a day to day basis; we no longer need to call the technicians on their cellphones, also reducing the chances of having our service vans involved in any type of collisions along with improving the PCS response time.
Industry Specific Practices
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We replaced the Nextraq system that we used to GPS our service vehicles, to Verizon Connect. With Verizon Connect our service technicians are using tablets as opposed to filling out our paperwork, conserving paper and hours in writing paper estimates, work orders and service tickets.
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Premier Compaction Systems reclaims all Hydraulic Oil used by our maintenance program clients. All machines utilize hydraulic oil for lubrication. Since this substance is being used at such a high quantity we decided to incorporate it into a more sustainable practice in our own day to day operations. The hydraulic oil is returned to the PCS Shop and used for heating. The recycled oil burner utilizes approximately 3,000 gallons of hydraulic oil each year; this oil is obtained by a removal process during our preventative maintenance program for all PCS clients. In 2016, we avoided 2,685 gallons of oil waste.
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Friday, July 14, 2017