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HRComputes 2016

Business Information
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HRComputes is a leading independent consulting group with exceptional experience in the design, synchronization and maintenance of HR systems and human resources departments for global enterprises.
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Kristina Kohl
Business Location: 
15 E Maple Ave
08057-1916 Moorestown , NJ
United States
39° 58' 17.04" N, 74° 57' 1.44" W
856 982-7163
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Renewal Date: 
Thursday, September 1, 2016
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
<p>We have a Sustainability Statement and Report which includes tracking our carbon footprint. Please visit our website at A copy of our sustainability policy and report for 2015 is attached.</p>
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Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
Kristina Kohl, principal, is our sustainability leader. As we are a small company, we involve all of our employees in the sustainability team. Highlights of our 2015 report attached.
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Annual Environmental Goals
Description of Action: 
2016 Goals 1. Identify Opportunities to Reduce Electricity Usage as Onsite Client Hours Decrease. 2. Promote Sustainability –Education and Speak Publically 3. Evaluate Hybrid or PEV Vehicle Usage 4. Evaluate carbon offsets fro air miles traveled. 5. Continue to promote voluntarism among employees. 6. Match volunteer hours from 2015
Develop Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Plan
Description of Action: 
We have a policy of using vendors who have sustainability plans. We seek to identify suppliers that have sustainable standards. Key suppliers include: a. Sprint i. b. Staples i. c. Dell i. d. AmeriHealth i. e. Hilton i. f. Wells Fargo i. g. Applei. h. American Airlines i. i. Go Daddy i.
Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
Description of Action: 
<p>We offer consulting services to guide organizations on their sustainability journey. As part of this offering we have rebranded our consulting services as Becoming Sustainable with a new website In addition, Kristina Kohl, Principal, authored a book on sustainable strategy entitled "Becoming a Sustainable Organization: A Project and Portfolio Management Approach." In addition, she speaks at industry events such as the PMI Global Congress in Barcelona to promote adoption of sustainable strategy.</p>
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Aspirational Goals
Description of Action: 
Please see 2016 goals.
Management & Leadership Other
Description of Action: 
We attend and participate in seminars, conferences, and webinars to continue to build our leaderships's sustainability education and knowledge base including Wharton IGEL conferences, PMI Global Congress, SASB, Environmental Leader, and NJDEP events.
Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
Paper and plastics recycling. On average 25 pounds of plastics, paper, mail, periodicals recycled every 2 weeks. In addition, we recycle printer cartridges under the Staples recycling program and receive $2/cartridge. ($48 in rewards 2015)
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Hazardous Waste/Toxic Use Reduction
Description of Action: 
We recycle all of our electronics including cell phones, monitors, laptops, keyboards and CPUs.
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Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
Calendar Year 2015. Conservation, HVAC upgrade in 2013, bulb replacement, behavior change.
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Fuel Conservation Efficiency
Description of Action: 
We have undertaken an initiative to promote virtual meetings and conference calls to reduce employee travel to customers sites. We reduced our carbon footprint from 15.83 CO2e in 2012 to 12.26 CO2e in 2015. The most significant portion of our carbon footprint is from employee travel to customers location and industry meetings and events. As a result, we have identified encouraging employees to purchase of hybrid or EV vehicles a priority for 2016.
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Water Conservation
Description of Action: 
For 2015, we began tracking our water baseline usage.
Certification Programs
Certification Programs Other
Description of Action: 
SAP Course " Sustainability and Business Innovation" Gotham Green Award
Support Community Initiatives
Description of Action: 
Contributed 435 volunteer hours valued at $101,925. Made direct contributions to charities of $700. Serve on the Moorestown Education Foundation, Moorestown Public Schools Green Team, GPSEG, PSPS, and other community initiatives.
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Monday, September 1, 2014