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Hogan Self Storage 2020

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Hogan Self Storage
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A family-run, local self-storage facility specializing in outstanding customer service. We are a clean and secured facility offering a wide range of unit sizes for personal use and business to business. There are no gimmicks, no long-term contract nightmares, and no unnecessary expenses for our customers. We save our customers in 3 different ways every day of the year: All rentals are month-to-month to enable our customers the maximum flexibility to increase or decrease their unit size at any point, or move-out when they no longer need it. We offer more than 10 different sized units and we undertake to ensure our customers are in the smallest - and therefore cheapest - unit possible that meets their needs. We offer a discount every month for customers on auto pay or those who rent multiple units.
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Jackie Myers
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Friday, January 24, 2020
Waste Reduction
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Hogan Self Storage has reviewed their business and filing practices to find all opportunities to eliminate paper waste and switch to electronic methods. All invoices, receipts, and any other notices or documents are now delivered via email to customers, unless specifically requested otherwise. Internally, company reports and documents are stored and shared electronically.
Waste Reuse
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In an effort to reduce waste generated from its lighting upgrade, Hogan Self Storage has utilized freecycle to give away the fluorescent light bulbs from its old fixtures. 500 bulbs were picked up by individuals for personal use, business purposes, and a local church.
Energy Efficiency
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Hogan Self Storage recently upgraded all lighting fixtures to energy efficient LED lights. In total about 850 fixtures were replaced. Additionally, all lighting in the storage units utilizes motion sensors.
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Renewable Energy
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<p>Hogan Self Storage has installed solar panels that produce an average of 49.7kw. The energy generated is sufficient to fully power the facility with extra to sell back, not only saving a costly electric bill but making a profit as well. After recently adding more solar panels, the expected annual solar energy generated will be roughly 353,600kWhrs and the building usage is 56,081kWhrs.</p>
Green Building Techniques
Independent Green Buiilding
Description of Action: 
The facility is specifically constructed with spray form insulation, creating a continuous barrier across building. This services to conserve energy by lessoning air leakage, infiltration of outside air, and gives us a higher R-value.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018