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Prout Funeral Home

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Prout Funeral Home
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A DIFFERENCE IN SERVICE, a difference in personalities, a difference in facilities, and certainly a difference between a family owned funeral home and a corporately owned funeral home. Our family has been operating Prout Funeral Home since 1924. We understand the differences and traditions of the various ethnic and religious communities that make up our wonderful mosaic of neighbors in North Jersey. Whether traditional burial, cremation, entombment or a greener service meets your family’s needs, you can count on us to help you create a funeral service that tells the story of a life.
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Robert Prout
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973 239 2060
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7 full / 20 part time
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Tuesday, February 8, 2022
Management and Leadership
Provide Environmentally Preferable Products Services
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Prout Funeral Home’s commitment to sustainability has led us to become the premier provider of green funerals in the Northern New Jersey area. Our green funerals utilize no embalming, manufactured caskets, or concrete vaults, and our natural burial process ensures you will return to the elements as naturally as possible. Green burials are better for the environment because they do not use traditional resource intensive burial methods and promote natural land conservation.  Learn more about our Green Funerals at
Waste Recycling
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We recycle all cardboard, papers & bottles, cans, containers
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Energy Efficiency
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Prout utilized rebates from the NJ Clean Energy Program to reduce its energy consumption through the installation of efficient lighting, a new energy efficient air condition system and boiler.
Renewable Energy
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In 2005 we took advantage of the NJCEP program and placed solar panels on the roof of the funeral home. In 2009 we built a decorative fence on top of a retaining wall in the parking lot and added an additional 36 solar panels with a combined total of 25.68 kWh.  In 2014 BP Solar issued a recall, we removed the 76 BP 170's panels and replaced with them with Sunpower 345's solar panels, replaced inverters and increased production to 27.94 kW. From February 2017 to January 2018 we produced 28,296 kWh. On average, we estimate saving over $3,400 each year on our energy bills. You can find more real time tracking of our solar energy production though our website
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Fleet Vehicles
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We use a hybrid vehicle for most of our general driving.
Certification Programs
Certification Programs Other
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We were awarded the 2007 NJCEP Clean Energy Small Business Leader of the Year Award. We were the first funeral home in the Nation to be recognized by the National Funeral Directors Association with the Green Practices Award and were the first in New Jersey and one of the first in the nation to be recognized by the Green Burial Council
Environmental & Community Restoration
Environmental Restoration Project
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Bob Prout was awarded the Conservation Award from the Friends of Glen Gray for efforts in replanting and stabilizing steep slopes after a fire destroyed parts of a hillside overlooking Camp and tributaries leading to the Ramapo River.
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We present programs, seminars & webinars locally & nationally to funeral director groups on integrating greener practices in their business, natural burials and formaldehyde free embalming. We have also spoken to various community groups, memorial societies and the Association of Gerontology in Higher Education about greener trends in burial practices and natural burials.
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Thursday, February 8, 2018