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Taft Communications 2018

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Taft Communications
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Inspiring Your Audiences to Action: Taft crafts strategic communications that speak clearly, creatively and persuasively. Through that work, we are driven to help you achieve meaningful change in the workplace and the world.
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Taft Communications
2000 Lenox Drive, Suite 200
08648 Lawrenceville
United States
40° 17' 22.3008" N, 74° 42' 9.0792" W
(609) 683-0700
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Thursday, March 29, 2018
Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
Taft’s Environmental Policy Statement sets expectations for our employees with respect to environmental management. This statement expresses our commitment to compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, to prioritizing waste reduction over recycling or disposal of waste and to continual improvement by regularly monitoring our environmental impacts and setting annual goals.
Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
From senior managers to interns, Taft’s “Green Team” meets monthly to identify and monitor all environmental practices in and out of the office. The team develops new ways to make our business as eco-friendly as possible and strives to keep the principle of sustainability at the center of all we do. At our monthly internal meetings, the Green Team shares exciting “green accomplishments” with the rest of our staff to encourage and reinforce sustainable practices throughout our firm.
Waste Reduction
Description of Action: 
Taft implements numerous policies and practices to reduce waste around the office. All printers and copiers are set to double-sided it is highly encouraged to print drafts on scrap paper.
Waste Recycling
Description of Action: 
Taft implements numerous policies and practices to encourage recycling around the office. We have a paper shredder and paper recycling bins around the office to reduce paper waste. Appropriate recycling exists for plastic, cans, ink and toner cartridges as well. Additionally, electronics are properly recycled and disposed of through building management.
Employee Commute
Description of Action: 
Taft provides a flexible work environment for employees with the ability to work from home. Working from home minimizes travel and saves miles and gallons of gasoline. To measure the benefits of our work from home policy an office survey was conducted that included each employee's gas mileage, days per week they work from home, and round trip mileage of their commute to and from the office. The results were then calculated to determine miles, gallons of fuel, and money saved on a yearly basis.
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Thursday, March 29, 2018