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Greenspot JC 2021

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Greenspot JC
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Rosie Lenoff
Business Development Manager
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Jersey City
155 Second Street
07302 Jersey City , NJ
United States
40° 43' 18.948" N, 74° 2' 22.596" W
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Thursday, June 17, 2021
Energy Efficiency
Description of Action: 
Greenspot continues to work closely with the local utilities to provide load management and demand response for EVSE installed. Greenspot bases this on energy usage (kWh) and energy demand (kW) of the charging stations deployed at its locations. Greenspot controls the back office support services to have the ability to enable adjustable time-based pricing to encourage off-peak charging by offering dynamic pricing schedules.
Fleet Vehicles
Description of Action: 
Greenspot, which won the 2018 New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award in the Clean Air category, has operated its Smart Mobility Program without interruption since the Company’s founding in 2014. Through its program, Greenspot installs electric vehicle charging stations and offers shared electric vehicles out of a portion of the spots installed. Greenspot has served as a leader in the shared mobility space since 2014, after the success of its pilot location in Jersey City. At its pilot location, Greenspot created a 19-spot EV section in the public right-of-way, comprising nine (9) dual-port Level II charging stations and one (1) DC Fast-Charger (DCFC). After the project was deemed successful by the Municipality, Greenspot then installed additional stations, and integrated additional shared EVs, on the same street. Greenspot worked closely with the Jersey City zoning agency to ensure all zoning requirements were adhered to. The utilization of our Jersey City SMP increased from 12% in 2014 to 35% in 2017, achieving over seven (7) times the average utilization rate of personally-owned vehicles. Following the success of this program locally, Greenspot has expanded from 50 EV charging stations and 5 EVs to over 500 stations and 50 EVs in markets throughout the United States and abroad. Greenspot now has operational and developing sites throughout the State of New Jersey in Secaucus, Asbury Park, Woodbridge, and in New York State, Ohio, and Massachusetts.
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Certification Programs
NJDEP Environmental Stewardship Program Recognition
Description of Action: 
In the State of New Jersey where Greenspot’s program was originally launched, Greenspot was awarded the 2018 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award for the Clean Air category. Greenspot was awarded for reducing air pollution emissions and greenhouse gas emissions through its deployment in locations throughout the State. Specifically, in Asbury Park, Greenspot is working to reduce carbon emissions in the area by providing its shared EV mobility program in up to 100 spots throughout the City for an initial term of five (5) years. Greenspot is currently working closely with the municipality to enable Greenspot to obtain the proper permits in a timely manner, as well as bring in the local utility to ensure the project received the proper amount of power. Greenspot is currently working to supply its turnkey service in order to provide a comprehensive, all-inclusive, shared electric mobility program to the residents of Asbury Park.
Serve Customers with Disabilities
Description of Action: 
When installing its shared mobility services, Greenspot takes responsibility in maintaining that charging stations will be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and in compliance with National Electrical Code and FCC regulations. In order to equip all residents with the tools they need to access Greenspot’s services successfully, Greenspot will provide the shared mobility vehicles 24/7, accessible via mobile app, website and phone number, enabling members of the public to ask questions, report maintenance issues, request refunds or otherwise receive support via multiple mechanisms. Greenspot’s charging stations are brightly lit with multiple language options for a diver range of end users.
Support Community Initiatives
Description of Action: 
When installing charging stations and offering shared vehicles, Greenspot takes personal responsibility for working with local community groups to educate the public about the benefits of driving electric vehicles and using shared EVs. Asbury Park is a specific example of where Greenspot’s partnerships with local stakeholders have led to the equitable deployment of EVSE on a large scale. Following the submission of the winning Shared Mobility RFP in April of 2018, Greenspot and City officials worked side-by-side to create a comprehensive marketing and outreach plan, including determining locations to install charging stations. Greenspot and the City identified three locations for the pilot phase of the project, ensuring that at least one of the pilot locations would be sited within the environmental justice community. As part of the marketing and outreach plan, Greenspot attends regular ride and drive events in Asbury Park, town council meetings, community speaking events, and has partnered with local organizations to best understand the program and answer any questions residents might have.
Community Other
Description of Action: 
Greenspot works diligently to provide all residents, no matter of background of socioeconomic status equal access to clean transportation options. In Asbury Park for instance, Greenspot has begun its Asbury Park project in three pilot locations, determined by Greenspot’s proprietary feasibility study, with approval from the City. Greenspot is currently installing in the City Center, in a dense residential area, and in an environmental justice community to best understand public charging utilization rates and to collect, report and share data on these figures. Greenspot will present reports to the City which include data such as number of sessions by time, total energy (kWh) used by individuals, per day, per week, and per month. Greenspot will report on station utilization rates, weekdays versus weekend and which ports are used by drivers, unique or otherwise. Greenspot will provide this data to the city as needed and will make it available on ad-hoc requests. Greenspot will also report on Rolling Average Power (kW) and Peak Power (kW) in 15-minute intervals. Greenspot is installing EVSE in various locations in order to provide a wide array of economic benefits to the largest amount of residents as possible. By providing residents with shared vehicles, Greenspot is encouraging Asbury Park residents to use shared EV’s residents to use shared EV’s rather than personal vehicles. This will allow residents to reduce the number of vehicles owned per household by one. By retiring an underutilized extra vehicle, residents can then save on money that that once went to gas, insurance and maintenance.
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Monday, June 17, 2019