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Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton Princeton

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Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton Princeton
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Putting Faith into action, Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton-Princeton partners with families in need and volunteers to transform lives through decent and affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton-Princeton is an independent affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International.
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Megan Synek
Sustainable Programs Coordinator
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530 Rt 38 E
08052 Maple Shade , NJ
United States
39° 56' 31.4664" N, 74° 58' 52.7988" W
856 441 3689
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Management and Leadership
Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
Description of Action: 
In 2018 the Sustainable Programs Coordinator wrote a Sustainable Pledge for our affiliate to follow. It is meant to be specific enough to be able to measure success, but broad enough to allow for creativity. The pledge is meant to be periodically reviewed and revised. It has been signed by our current CEO.
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Identify Sustainability Leader
Description of Action: 
Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton Princeton has hired a Sustainable Programs Coordinator for the affiliate. This role is a new one as of 2018 and is meant to be used to create and implement programs and events which increase sustainable operations internally while also supporting local sustainability efforts. Sustainability in this role means supporting co-conscious efforts as well as promoting local economies and diversity. This full-time employee works towards eco-consciousness in the office, in the Habitat ReStore, and on Habitat build sites, and also create public materials which focus on sustainable living. Aspects of operations which could use improvement are identified by recommendations for sustainable operations from various other organizations, seeing how others accomplished sustainability, as well as through internal recommendations. As new programs are being developed, sustainability is beginning to be incorporated in the beginning steps of creation so that they may not need to be reworked as thoroughly as older operations may need.
Waste Reuse
Description of Action: 
Habitat for Humanity of Burlington County and Greater Trenton-Princeton runs a Habitat ReStore in Maple Shade which is a showroom selling donations of new and used furniture, home décor, and building materials. The donations we get in are from residential pick-ups as well as corporate donations. Everything we take in would have otherwise been thrown out, but instead gets sold to someone new who will find it useful. We also began a program with local artists who come into the store and pick out a few pieces that have been hard to sell. They then refurbish the furniture and bring it back for us to sell. This will help resale value as well as keep items that sit for a long time from being thrown out or taking up space we could be using for other items. We get about 5,000 donations a year. In fiscal year 2018 we profited about $650,000 from resale of donations.
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Waste Recycling
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In our office and in our Habitat ReStore we have begun using a commingled dumpster for both trash and recycling. The dumpster is managed by Revolution Recycling out of Philadelphia, PA. This commingled dumpster is then taken to their recycling facility where the contents are weighed and then sorted to take the recyclables out and send the rest to the landfill. With this method we are able recycle over 80% of our waste. Since January 2017 we have diverted 550 tons from the landfill, which is 84% of our total waste produced.
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Support Community Initiatives
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By reaching out to the green teams and Environmental Commissions in the municipalities covered by our affiliate we have been able to support local green initiatives. We have offered our Habitat ReStore box truck to provide pick up services for donations at community swap days, shred events, and other similar events in order to divert these things from the landfill and back into everyday use. Typically what we are able to do at events like this are collect unwanted furniture or home décor that people would not have otherwise thought to donate to us. As the green teams continue to hold events, the know they can rely on us to help reusable materials continue their life rather than being put into dumpsters.
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Monday, August 20, 2018