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Red Bank Smiles

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Red Bank Smiles
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At Red Bank Smiles, we believe in whole-health dentistry, and cater to the whole patient. We want to give you the best dental experience you’ve ever had. We want to go beyond your expectations to create loyal patients for life. We make your comfort and convenience our priority and enjoy providing you with a stress-free visit. We take a holistic approach, helping you improve your overall health by achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. Our office environment is relaxed and comfortable, and we strive to minimize our carbon footprint.
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Dr. Benjamin Klayman
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180 River Road,
07701 Red Bank , NJ
United States
40° 21' 13.9104" N, 74° 3' 27.7632" W
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Adopt Environmental Policy Statement
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Being environmentally friendly feels like its in our genes. Our practice was started in 2014 with the idea of using sustainability to set us apart from the rest. We strive to be conscientious in everything we do, from our everyday actions to the utilities that keep our office running. We strive to maximize results for our patients while minimizing our carbon footprint.
Waste Reduction
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We conduct our practice with waste reduction in mind. Our team strategizes to minimize avoidable waste production. For instance, if cotton balls are being used to open a patient's mouth we only take out those that are needed. This is because whatever is taken out of the sanitary jars has to be disposed of to avoid contamination. Similarly, if patients are undergoing procedures that may require two rooms we make every effort to only require one room so that paper chair covers and other disposables involved in room changing do not have to be replaced. This method also maximizes comfort and ease for our patients. Our office is paperless. We have switched to digital filing and charting systems, reducing our paper consumption.
Waste Recycling
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Everything that is recyclable that does not go into the medical waste disposal is recycled. While we are as paperless as possible, we recycle all paper products that end up at our office.
Energy Efficiency
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Our HVAC system is consistently maintained. Air filters are replaced on time to maintain efficiency. We also use a controlled heating and cooling system to place the thermostat only where it is most needed.
Renewable Energy
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Our office's energy is sourced from a renewable energy provider.
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Our office is lit by 24 energy-efficient LED light bulbs that save us 1,560 kWh per year as opposed to incandescent bulbs.
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Friday, September 14, 2018