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The Green Hotels Project: Inciting the future of sustainable travel

The Garden State Green Hotels Project is a project of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) tasked with pursuing goals crucial to sustainability. We are featuring the Green Hotels Project because of the services it lends to businesses to support travel sustainability while simultaneously saving businesses money.

The project has some big time goals-

With a grant from the EPA, the project is determined to:

leaf Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.leaf

leaf Reduce hazardous material use.leaf

leaf Reduce water usage and limit natural resource use.leaf

leaf Reduce solid waste generation .leaf

- and it offers services to

businesses to achieve them

These are:

leaf 1. Printed & electronic informational material leaf

leaf 2. Workshops and conferences (4 separate events) leaf

leaf 3. Environmental evaluations with assistance and incentives provided by the NJ SBEAP.leaf

leaf 4. Hotel-job training provided at Atlantic Cape Community College. leaf

Overall the Green Hotels Project is a wonderful resource for hotels to pursue sustainability!

Don’t just take it from us, here are a few videos on the subject!

More information can be found on the Green Hotel Project webpage, Travel Green New Jersey here

and on the NJDEP's website here

Happy greening!