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Princetel, Inc. - FORJing the Way

Princetel, Inc. is passionate about producing the best fiber rotary joint products and strives to minimize its environmental impacts to the benefit of its stakeholders, employees and surrounding community. To that end Princetel Inc. located its current office on a redeveloped “brownfield” site. In addition, the building achieved the US Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum Certification in October 2014.
Some of the building green features include:

  • A rain water harvesting system.
  • Native and low maintenance plants.
  • Solar electricity – 200 kW solar system on the roof.
  • R40 roof, R25 wall and energy wheels that result in 54% energy savings.
  • 100% fresh air distribution to all areas.

The CEO of the company, Barry Zhang, is the biggest advocate for Princetel’s sustainability program. Barry offers his employees an incentive to reduce their environmental impact by offering cash rewards to his employees who drive cars that are 50 mile/gallon or better ($1,000 cash reward); or use public transportation ($2,000/year subsidy); or for a driver who provides carpooling ($400/year reward).