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Certification Programs

Sustainability Certification/Recognition Programs

1.  Environmental Stewardship Initiative Recognition

The Environmental Stewardship Initiative is a recognition program developed by Compliance & Enforcement for use by all NJDEP programs that conduct compliance assurance inspections. The goal of this initiative is to encourage regulated entities to improve their environmental performance beyond the minimum requirements of existing rules & regulations. The program is broad in scope and covers a diverse spectrum of environmental stewardship and sustainable related practices. The intent is to showcase the achievements of members of the regulated community and serve as an information resource to encourage others to follow.

Action: Indicate if your business participates in the NJDEP Environmental Stewardship Program which is designed for regulated entities. Identify and describe the categories and actions for which your business is recognized.

2.  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System

Indicate here if your organization owns or leases space in a building that has been certified under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system.

Consider achieving LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations or LEED for Existing Buildings.

If leasing check to see if the space is certified under LEED for Commercial Interiors.

Action: Indicate if one or more of your buildings is LEED certified to a silver, gold or platinum level and identify the specific rating system used.


3.  New Jersey Clean Marina Program

The NJ Clean Marina Program encourages marina owners, yacht clubs, boatyards and boaters to adopt practices that help prevent adverse impacts to water quality, sensitive habitats and living resources in proximity to marinas.

Action: Indicate if your marina participates in the New Jersey Clean Marina Program.


4.  River-Friendly Business Certification Program

The River-Friendly Business Certification Program seeks to reduce pollution caused by stormwater runoff, known as non-point source pollution. By reducing this type of pollution, participating businesses help to improve water quality while enhancing stream corridors, providing essential habitat and promoting the knowledge that environmentally sound business campuses are beneficial to all involved. This certification program is built on a series of baseline standards that focus on the four River-Friendly categories: water quality management, water conservation, wildlife habitat enhancement and education & outreach. 

Action: Indicate if your business participates in the River-Friendly Business Certification Program.


5.  Other Sustainability Certification/Recognition Programs

Tell us about the certification or recognition you received. The certification or recognition could be for the company as a whole or for an improved process or manufactured product done in a sustainable manor.  

This includes product certification programs, such as EPA's Safer Choice Program and Fragrance-Free Products. For more information check out EPA's factsheets about applying for a Safer Choice Label and Fragrance-Free Label.

Action: Identify and describe other certification programs that your business participates in and any environmental awards or recognition received by your organization.