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Welcome to the Berkeley Heights community page! Here you will find a list of Berkeley Heights businesses that are committed to reducing their environmental footprint through implementing sustainability initiatives. Each business featured is officially recognized as a "Sustainable Business" by the NJ Sustainable Business Registry.



Member Businesses


Sustainable Berkeley Heights's goal is to develop, promote, and implement solutions that leverage our community's strengths to improve the environment, accelerate innovation, actualize sustainability measures, foster collaboration among community members, and transform our community into a smart city for future generations. We work collaboratively with local businesses, government entities, and schools in order to meet our goals.

Sustainable Berkeley Heights



Delicious Heights strives to set an example for other local businesses in terms of mindful, environmentally-conscious practices that benefit the environment, make financial sense for the company, are easy to implement, and provide customers with an outstanding dining experience. Delicious Heights is committed to continually improving its environmental performance, reducing its environmental impacts, and complying with relevant environmental legislation..

Delicious Heights


We at Smith Chirporactic have taken measurable steps to reduce our environmental footprint and make positive change in our community. We hope to continue maintenance of large, industrial size recycling bins for our business and entire building. Our goal is to launch an effort to recycle shredded paper this year. In addition, we will endeavor to limit electrical (lighting, heating, air conditioning, etc.) use to only hours when doctor is seeing patients and staff is in the office. Our Smith Chiropractic Foundation sponsors and organizes the annual Berkeley Heights 5k Road race and Fitness Walk that over the last 23 years has raises thousands of dollars that were donated to local community, non-profit organizations.

Smith Chiropractic




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